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When I was attending university while dreaming of starting a trading company, I got to know that all sorts of various textiles are used in a pair of socks. Based on this understanding, I jumped into the business of exporting socks overseas with the goal of engaging in various businesses.

Today, in a time when the competitiveness of the textile industry is worsening due to high labor cost and growth of underdeveloped countries, (Southeast Asian countries) we believe we have to overcome these obstacles with practical application of new materials and development of technology. We are currently creating a business model for the Korean style higher value-added textile industry through our exporting business by engaging in the existing production and quality control of socks as well as developing new materials and applying them to socks.

The entire staff promises that we will become a company leading exports in the textile industry with creative ideas and endless effort.

Our vision


Valor Textile Limited is waiting for the recruitment of excellent talent. The application of talented individuals who can have creative ideas based on passion and diligence is always being evaluated.