Valor Textile is the most passionate and fastest growing sock company in Korea.
We are pioneering the future of the Korean style higher value-added textile industry through youth and creativity as well as new attempts and technology development


OEM/ODM Production

Valor Textile is the sock production company which does not think about the company’s own convenience. Lately, we believe sock products has become a passageway for expressing the identity of a brand. Accordingly, we are exerting every effort to produce a pair of socks instilled with the value and uniqueness of a customer.


Brand development business

As it is proven with keywords like K-POP, K-Beauty, K-Culture, Korea’s creativity and popular appeal is recognized all over the world. We intend to show off this creativity and popular appeal as a sock brand in Korea, the sock production powerhouse. We proceed with brand development business to let the world know and be recognized for the design creativity and uniqueness of Korea.


New material technology
development business 

In order to strengthen the competitiveness of Korea’s textile export and develop high value-added products, we are developing textile yarn and yarn that has combined characteristic function. In 2019, we have developed REFLEXIL, a retro-reflection film yarn which has wide-use in textile product production by combining the retro-reflection function for life-work safety and aesthetic impression with nylon yarn, and applied for its patent, and is planning to sell the yarn.